a baby attacked me with its face!!!

October 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

For someone who is as loving and adoring of all things cute, small, and with big eyes, why do babies scare me so much????

Maybe because this


i am scary and needy


does not in ANY way resemble this:


i'm cute and cuddly!


And don’t even try the argument “But you were a baby once, too!” on me–I very well know I was a baby, thank you, but I certainly was not aware or in control of that fact!

But thanks to an article pointed out to me noting the increasing trend of Japanese women taking nude maternity photos, I’ve had to confront a startling and shocking realization:  Japanese people have babies too!!!!  As much as I’m reluctant to admit the universality of this occurrence, the truth is, even my beloved, isolated study of Japanese grammar and vocabulary does little to assuage me of a terminal fear of small children, whether they’re Japanese-speaking babies or not  >.<

You decide:





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§ One Response to a baby attacked me with its face!!!

  • Overdue says:

    You are crazy. If I have a baby, you better not tell me it is ugly, and you might be its godmother, so get over this fear within the next 15 years. You will hold my baby, you might babysit my baby, and you will love my baby. And it will be adorable.


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