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September 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

A moment to mention and praise the highly useful, productive, and generally all-around awesome online study tool:

I was first introduced to the site last year by a friend who used it to review Japanese over the summer, and now, in fact, it’s a linked resource in my third-year Japanese class.  The site is, at large, a domain for all kinds of study programs, and hosts a community of learners who choose their individual courses of study, set their own goals, and encourage fellow users in their progress.  And perhaps most importantly–the site is so cute!!!  And although I understand if happy sounds and colorful layouts don’t give you quite the sense of joy and jubilation as they engender in my heart, at the very least I hope the clean, organized design, user-friendly language programs, and handy progress-tracking are tools enough to encourage daily study.  Since you get to set your own study program and pace, it’s a wonderful way to refresh past-learned language skills, or embark on new language-learning adventure!

Check out the site for yourself and try learning that language you’ve always thought about studying!

Cat says: go learn, have fun!  ( = ^ . ^ = )


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