audio-lingual osmosis…valid study method or total cop-out?

September 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

It occurred to me one day, while aimlessly and rather pointlessly fiddling with the international settings on my itunes, that the mellifluous and dulcet tones of pop music are wide-spread in their worldly reach.  It was this same day that, browsing through the international CDs at the library, I happily wandered into the “Asian”-labeled bins of countless battered but loved compact discs and stumbled across a trove of mainstream Japanese music.  Realizing the profound significance of my discovery, I gathered up as many cases as I could politely  and inoffensively clasp haphazardly against my chest and promptly checked them out, eliciting a severely raised eyebrow from the library’s staff member.  This is how I entered the world of Japanese pop music, charmingly and more lovingly termed J-Pop by its fans and makers.

So then, of course, as I was listening blithely to the wonderful though largely incomprehensible sounds issuing forth from my computer, I began to wonder if my continued exposure to J-Pop could in fact enhance my ability to understand Japanese…

I admit that for a week there after my initial foray into the J-tunes, I was dutifully ‘studying’ with the general aim of listening to as much J-Pop as possible throughout the day in order to maximize my Japanese language absorption.  I figured that my subconscious would eventually pick up enough categorical, grammatical, and lingual information from the multitude of song lyrics to significantly bolster my speaking and listening comprehension.

Needless to say, as a study method in and of itself, it regrettably fell short and proved efficient only in its frightening tendency to cause intense and often pervasive cases of single-song-lyric-stuck-in-your-head.  And while even now I may be able to pick out a phrase or two here and there, it remains largely unintelligible to me despite my earnest and faithful efforts at language comprehension via unconscious audio assimilation.

But I still love my J-Pop ^_^

Here, you can love it, too!

\”A Street Story\” by RSP

\”Fairyland\” by Ayumi Hamasaki

\”Everyday Sunshine Line\” by Natsuko Aso


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  • Overdue says:

    I understand, sometimes you feel that something is helping you study but it really isn’t. I’m sure that your listening to J-Pop did something for your Japanese studies, perhaps is exposed you to a different part of culture? Or you just found something that you really enjoyed! I really like your blogging voice! Can’t wait to read another post!

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